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The "MKE Pace Car Program” is a resident-based program designed to fight speeding on residential streets through education and awareness.

City of Milwaukee residents can fill out the online form below to take the pledge to drive the speed limit in their neighborhoods and to obey all
stop signs and red lights.

If 60 percent of a neighborhood’s residents take the pledge, that neighborhood can receive a sign to be displayed on the street in the neighborhood that identifies the neighborhood as a Pace Car Neighborhood.

I pledge to drive within City of Milwaukee speed limits; stop at all stop signs, red lights, and for pedestrians in crosswalks; give myself enough travel time so that I’m not sacrificing safety or courtesy; reduce overall car usage; not text while driving; be courteous to and share the road with bicyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers; and to display the Milwaukee Pace Car Program decal in my vehicle.


Thanks for taking the Pace Car Pledge!

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